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You can get an international training organization by being confirmed your programs with QUANTAS brand. QUANTAS evaluates the training programs with goal to provide a profession to the candidates or improving profession of the candidates according to the international rules and guide documents. The training programs which has been finished conformity evaluations are brought traceability by being given an approval number.

Training Approval Process:

1. Training organisation should send the filled-up application form to QUANTAS via e-mail.

2. The documents sent by training organisation for approval will be evaluated by QUANTAS Experts according to guide documents and training materials.

3. QUANTAS Auditors can attend as a witness to the first training programs which has been finished documentation controls.

4. QUANTAS Auditors arrange a report at the end of the training program.

5. If there are needed preventive activities or suggestion, and training approval number is given by QUANTAS after they are finished by the training organisation.

6. The training organiation arranges The Training Certificate which includes the training approval number, QUANTAS Logo with a number by ensuring traceability for the participants who are attended to the training programs.

Management System Training Approval

QUANTAS is able to certify any Training Institute and Organisation centers based on the IPC regulations, on international requirements from IPC, on ISO standards.

For that purpose QUANTAS had developed rules, procedures and guidelines for institutes to orient our clients to achieve a full certification. The systems developed by the institutes shall be based on ISO 9000 or similar quality standards.

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Lead Auditor Training Approval

The Lead Auditor Training and Certification Program has been suffered a big change by accepting new IPC guide document.

The Training Attendance Certificate will be arranged to the participants at the end of the training program. And this training is a precaution of conformity assessment and only this certificate isn't competency certificate writing will be showed on the certificate.

By finishing the examination, the candidates are forwarded to the conformity examination by the training providers and if the candidates are successful from this examination, they will deserve QUANTAS Provisional Auditor or QUANTAS Auditor certificate and ID card.

Approved training and QUANTAS accredited conformity assessment examination are together! The most important subject that should be taken attention is to be attended of all candidates who got the training program to an examination which is occurred as two sections unless there isn't a negative comment about competency of the candidates.

The training providers need to apply is to send the application forms of the candidates to QUANTAS before the examination date. The needed requirements for quality, environment, OHSAS, food security and Information security management systems are explained at Application Requirements for Audit Candidates.

The candidates who match their requirements with the application requirements will be invited to the examination which is related management system training and application topic. Certificates and ID cards of the candidate who are successful from the examination will be not arranged unless their documents which are required at the application haven't been finished.

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