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Can I use Internal Audits towards certification?

QUANTAS accepts only 2nd and 3rd party audits. An internal audit is acceptable towards certification as long as you are not responsible for the department being audited or the outcomes of the audit.

How do I add a scope to my existing certification?

You need to apply for expansion and supply the supporting evidence for the scope to be granted as per the relevant certification requirements.

Can I use audits where I have played the role of witness or observer to gain or maintain certification?

No, you must be an active part of the audit team to claim audit experience.

Can a QUANTAS auditor formally certify a management system?

No, individual auditors cannot provide companies with a certified management system. You must be employed by or contracted to a Certification Body accredited to offer this service. The accreditation will be provided under the name of the Certification body.

Can I submit an audit log (for Competency Based certification only)?

An audit log cannot be supplied in lieu of a QUANTAS Skill Examination. An audit log will only be requested if you have applied for a certification scope that requires audit experience to be demonstrated. If you wish to obtain certification using previously gained audit experience, we recommend Qualification based certification (applies to Management system schemes only).

What types of audit are acceptable?

Audits relevant to the candidate's scheme of application will meet the Skill Examination requirement. For environmental, for example, a compliance audit would meet the requirement. An occupational health and safety audit could be used for an OHS candidate, but not for a quality management systems candidate. Internal audits are acceptable, provided the candidate is able to demonstrate all required skills during the audit.